Talk tomorrow on A2K for Visually Impaired: Ruth Okediji @ King Hall, UC Davis

Talk by Prof Ruth Okediji
Date and time: Tues, 10/21, Noon to 1pm
Location: King Hall, Room 1001
Title: The Road To Marrakesh: Toward a new global synthesis of intellectual property and the public interest?

Abstract: The Marrakesh treaty to facilitate access to Published Works by Visually impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities (ViP treaty) is the first intellectual property agreement establishing minimum, mandatory exceptions to the rights granted to authors and owners of knowledge goods. the ViP treaty aims to eliminate copyright-related barriers to access to copyrighted works for over 285 million blind, visually impaired or otherwise print-disabled people around the world; accordingly, it differs from all other intellectual property agreements as a humanitarian endeavor. But the ViP treaty also suggests an explicit reshaping of the structural role of the state in relation to the public welfare objectives of national intellectual property policies. this lecture will highlight the political economy of the negotiating process, and the various justifications that shaped the final provisions of the ViP treaty. the lecture will also explore future prospects for achieving socially-responsible intellectual property outcomes in the global regulatory framework for knowledge goods.